Core Growth Strategies Client Steve Bousquet, Owner, American Lawn Science
Core Growth Strategies Client Steve Bousquet, Owner, American Lawn Science

Level 5 future focus


for Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Contractor Businesses

Prepare to grow your business at every stage.

Reliable Financial Management

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Real Time Financial Data

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Rewarding Business Experience

Build a Long-term Business

While other business owners close their doors or barely survive, you can build a business that thrives for years to come.

Prepare for Every Stage

Businesses grow and change throughout their life cycle. Avoid the pitfalls and prepare for success in each stage as you grow.

Create Indisputable Value

You work hard as a business owner to create value in the market. We create trackable metrics so the value you create is unquestionable.

"Utilizing the Level 5 Future Focus strategy has allowed me to have highly engaged team members in my business that support the company culture, mission, vision, and purpose."

- Steve Bousquet, Owner, American Lawn Science

Most Business Owners Never Achieve Their Dream

  • 0%
    of businesses will fail in the first 5 years.
  • 0%
    will close shop, sell or go broke in the second 5 years.
  • 0%
    of business owners are able to sell their business for what they think it's worth.
  • 0%
    decrease of the average lifespan of a business in the last 20 years.

The secret to success is working on your business, not in your business.
Core Growth Strategies is here to help with the learning curve and get you as a business owner to that next level.

Core Growth Strategies

Level 5 Future Focus Program

Level 1

Technical Foundation: Hindsight

Write-up, Accounting, Tax Return, Audit, Review.

PROCESS: Built into Core Growth Strategies, we want to make sure you are starting off in the right place from the beginning of our relationship.

Level 1

Level 2

Thorough Analysis: Insight / Oversight

Analyze & educate clients about Critical Ratios. Conduct "what if" scenarios.

FINANCIAL FLUENCY: Our team will make sure you know your numbers and what they mean, so we are all on the same page.  After this is accomplished, we can start having deeper conversations and run "what if" scenarios.

Level 2

Level 3

Future Focus

Discovery - Establishing current state.
Planning - Roadmap to the future.

EXPLORATION: Core Growth Strategies conducts a thorough exploration of the business so we can start moving into the planning phase and identifying goals.

Level 3

Level 4

Link to Performance: Foresight

Link financial goals to business activities. Measure and report outcomes of business activities.

MEASUREMENT: Identifying the measures that tie to the goals is how we achieve this level. We will work together to acquire all the details needed to start developing our customized dashboard. This is a very detailed level that will be extremely specific to your business.

Level 4

Level 5

Continuous Improvement

Help clients monitor critical activities and strategically manage business activities.

MAINTENANCE: Core Growth Strategies continues to work with our clients. We monitor the measures and goals to see if they are stimulating improved performance.

Level 5

We assist. We improve. We teach.

When it comes to managing and operating your business, we work with our clients to move to the reliance end of the spectrum. We assist in establishing business performance management. We improve the quality of information your numbers are providing and teach you how to identify your leading indicators.

Christeen Era - owner CGS

take your business to the next level

Level 5 Future Focus Consultants Can Get You There

Core Growth Strategies will help you achieve your desired business goals. Each business stage has its own unique challenges. Our business experts help you identify which business stage you're in. Then we find what's keeping you from entering the next level of business. And finally, we create a prioritized plan to help you maximize your ability to move to the next stage. We are here to help you create a business that stands the test of time, from plan to execution. 

Avoid the Worry over Business Pitfalls

Build for the Long-Term

while you build your business.

What if you could take your business from a venture to a measurable investment? What if you were prepared for each stage of business growth before you got there?

Imagine the weight lifted from your shoulders if you knew your business could outlast you. Consider the freedom you would create if you could to sell your company when you wanted or needed to do it. Think of the security you would establish if your business protected your family in the event of your inability to work.

Our Level 5 Future Focus consults can help you build your business venture into the legacy, investment, and security you know it can be.

Steve Bousquet, Owner, American Lawn Science, <br> enjoys vacation from his business with wife Katrina.
Steve Bousquet, Owner, American Lawn Science,
enjoys vacation from his business with wife Katrina.

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When we build businesses, we contribute to our culture. It defines the foundation for inspiration to seed and grow our future. It is the starting point for those who only saw the stars, realized they have the ability to change them and that they were their own. It is what makes the world go round, their world and ours.

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