Meet Your

Core Growth Team

Whether you need a consultant, accountant, advisor, or profitability coach, we're poised to build a custom suite of services to fulfill your needs. When you partner with Core Growth Strategies, you'll discover the benefits of cloud-based operations, and you'll have our certified, tech-focused experts to make the transition seamless.

We know it takes discipline and commitment to make a business profitable, and that's why at Core Growth Strategies, we are picky about our clients. We want to build relationships with teams dedicated to investing the time and effort profitability requires. We select clients who are as positive and passionate about success as we are.

President & CEO

Christeen Era

Christeen Era is the President and CEO of Core Growth Strategies, an accounting and business growth strategy solutions provider serving small to mid-sized businesses across the US. With more than ...
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COO & Accounting Strategist

Jaime Turney

Jaime Turney is our COO and one of our Accounting Strategists; she brings her vast adaptive experience, determination, organization, and detail-oriented mindset to analyze her clients' monthly, quarterly, and annual ...
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Director of Marketing & Technology

Charmaine Henriques

Charmaine Henriques is the Director of Marketing and Technology for Core Growth Strategies, where she leads our marketing strategy and oversees our business systems and processes. A natural problem solver, ...
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Tax Planning Consultant

Mary Pierce

Mary Pierce is a Tax Planning Consultant with Core Growth Strategies. An experienced CPA, Mary has worked in the accounting profession for over 30 years advising clients in construction, real ...
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Junior Accountant

Viviana Martinez

Viviana Martinez is a Junior Accountant at Core Growth Strategies. She has years of experience as a public accountant as well as leadership skills from her time as a director ...
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Administrative Assistant

Shelby Era

As the Administrative Assistant for Core Growth Strategies, Shelby Era loves the challenge of working on multiple priorities at once while continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency. Organized, diligent, ...
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Senior Bookkeeper

Tedra Alexander

Tedra Alexander is a Senior Bookkeeper with Core Growth Strategies. With a natural penchant for numbers, Tedra brings her exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills to Core’s team. Efficiency ...
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Jo Ann Bennett

Jo Ann is a highly qualified professional with a four-year degree and extensive experience working with small businesses. She has worked as an accountant in manufacturing and trades thus bringing ...
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Office Manager & De Facto Boss

Etta James

Etta James is an ambitious French bulldog who has installed herself as Office Manager and de facto “boss” of Core Growth Strategies. Nicknamed “the honeybadger,” Etta approaches all things in ...
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