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Reliable Financial Management

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Understand Your Numbers

Let the numbers experts review your books and give you all the information you need to make decisions about your company's future growth.

Grow Profit Faster

By tracking the financial health of your company, you can use your financials to make important business decisions and maximize profitability.

Scale Your Business

From creating to executing a plan, we are here to provide ongoing support and guidance to take your business to the next level.

Core Growth Strategies

Path to Achieving Growth & Profitability


Discover & Diagnose

You're unique. And so is your business. Through our discovery process, our profitability experts get to know you, your team, your business, and your books. That way, we get the information and tools we need to suggest the right combination of software and services to get you to profit faster.


Renovate & Reconcile

The Core Growth team works with you and your team to renovate and reconcile your books. That means, we do the heavy lifting, and we train your people how to do things more effectively. We walk with you as you implement new workflows and software to systematize your processes.


Establish a Rhythm

Once we get your books in working order, you'll have reliable financial data to make sound decisions that will drive your business growth. We equip you with financial acumen. You make data-driven decisions to help you grow. No financial degree required.


Ensure Profitability

We've created a healthy rhythm with your bookkeeping. The stability and predictability allows us to introduce the Profit First cash flow management system. No more frantically moving funds to cover expenses. We're talking sustainably building long-term business success.


Strategic Growth Planning

Imagine a business that's all about supporting your life, instead of the other way around! Our goal is to help you create the business you want. You can generate profit. You can love your business. And you can unplug to enjoy family. All the while supporting employees and clients you adore.


Focus on the Future

You have arrived. You have transformed your business into a money-making machine! Now you can concentrate on legacy, using ongoing measurement of Key Performance Indicators and business outcomes. Once you have profit, we'll focus on greater impact for years to come.

Most business owners want to run a business that generates profit, provides great jobs, and cares for their customers. If you're like our lawn care, landscape, and contractor clients, you've tried several avenues without reaching your destination. And that has left you feeling exhausted.

At Core Growth Strategies, we believe you shouldn't have to get a finance degree to understand your business numbers. We believe you have what it takes to generate profit, without working 80+ hours a week, going into debt, or frantically gathering cash from here and there to pay vendors, the IRS or make payroll.

Core Growth Strategies' process is designed to give you accounting, bookkeeping, and business financial strategies that move you and your business forward. No matter how big or small your company may be, our processes identify what needs to be addressed in your business. Then by implementing Profit First in your business we can ensure the profitable growth you have been looking for. (Our clients increase their gross profit margins by 25% and grow their net profit by 500%.) And finally, we can develop a dashboard to provide KPIs and metrics for the overall performance of your business and individual departments.

By focusing on the right growth strategies, you can stop fighting to grow your business and start enjoying a business that works for you. We know you can do it because we've worked with hundreds of lawn care, landscape, and contractor business owners just like you!


Your Core Growth Starts Here

Whether you need a consultant, accountant, advisor, or profitability coach, the Core Growth Strategies' process will fulfill your needs and support your scaleable growth journey.


Stop dreading the paperwork. We can manage your bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, controller and CFO functions. We're ready to put together a solution to give you real time access to your numbers.

Watch this video to learn more about our Cloud-Based Accounting process.

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Our software solutions give you real-time information to make better business decisions. We help you assess procedures and staff to improve your efficiency for profitable growth.

Watch this video to learn more about our Technology & Business Consulting process.



Identify and fix the root causes of your most urgent business challenge. Get laser focused on what will give you the biggest return on investment as you continue to grow.

Watch this video to learn more about our Fix This Next process.

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Manage your money more effectively. As one of the only Profit First™ Mastery Certified Firms, we will guide you with the methods to increase your cash flow and maximize your profits.

Watch this video to learn more about our Profit First™ Consulting process.

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Good strategy leads to extraordinary business growth. Our team will give you the one-one-one Pumpkin Plan™ Coaching you need to identify your sweet spot, find your ideal clients, and grow.

Watch this video to learn more about our Strategic Pumpkin Planning process.

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Navigating the Profit First™ system on your own is possible, but you don't have to go it alone. As a member of this group, you will have access to the tools, the knowledge, the direction, and the support you need to make the financial gains you've always wanted.

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Knowing you numbers helps you reach your financial goals. Our financial experts will work with you on your financial fluency and metrics you should be tracking to grow at every stage of your business.

Watch this video to learn more about our Level 5 Future Focus process.

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Meet the Founder of Core Growth Strategies


Christeen Era, Author

Founder of Core Growth Strategies

Christeen Era is the CEO of Core Growth Strategies. With more than twenty years of experience in accounting and business consulting, Christeen is passionate about helping lawn care, landscaping & trade services companies flourish and grow, in good times and in bad. She understands that entrepreneurs start their businesses with the goal of living the life of their dreams, and her mission is to help them do exactly that.

Christeen is also the co-founder of the Green Profit Academy (GPA), a consulting and coaching company that supports lawn care and landscape businesses with courses, webinars, small-group coaching, community-building, and online tools. She is a certified Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Fix This Next Advisor, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and author of Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses. Inspired by the proven success of the Profit First program and methods, she created and pioneered the use of a specialized, industry-specific toolbox, The Green Profit Toolbox™ for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses, to help owners manage their expenses and increase their gross profit margins to as high as 65%. Her mantra is “You are your company’s best employee. Pay yourself well, and pay yourself first.”

Grab Your Copy of

Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses


Get the Support You Need

Profit First™ Peer Group

The Profit First group for the trade services industry. Share your challenges and receive support in reaching your business goals!

The Profit First™ system is designed to guide you on the path to permanent profitability while scaling up your business. Navigating the system on your own is possible, but you don't have to go it alone. As a member of this group, you will have access to the tools, the knowledge, the direction, and the support you need to make the financial gains you've always wanted.

Profit First™ Advanced Webinar

The webinar that will help you create a customized blueprint and system to adjust your income as your business scales and grows.

Understand how your marketing efforts can have a bigger impact on your profit. You'll create a profit blueprint, a business growth system, and a plan for long term profitability. You'll also increase your marketing insight all while having access to mastery level certified Profit First™ professionals.

Green Profit Academy

Green Profit Academy consults lawn care and landscape business owners on obtaining long term sustainability and scalable growth.

That means: your company can become permanently profitably by utilizing our industry specialized Profit First™ program, and: you learn how to scale and grow your company by participating in our small group coaching program.

We have helped our clients increase their gross profit margins to as high as 65% and leverage industry-specific tools that focus on scalable growth.

Core Growth Strategies has identified the 3 elements you must know to grow.

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Download your copy and get ready to experience extraordinary business growth.

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What would it be like if you had reliable lead measures to

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How would it feel to have a plan to know

what is the right thing to do and when?

How secure and confident would you feel

if you knew your company was profitable?

What would it do for your business if you knew your

markups and margins were at the right percentages?

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