Employee Engagement ROI

ROI From Employee Engagement

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When company leadership is committed to improving employee engagement, positive results are seen in a variety of ways.

  1. Higher Profitability
    According to Gallup's annual State of the American Workplace report, highly engaged employees lead to 21% higher profitability.
  2. Higher Productivity and Increased Sales
    Businesses with highly engaged teams experience a 17% bump in productivity. The also experience 20% more sales.
  3. Reduced Absenteeism and Fewer Safety Incidents
    Absenteeism drops by 41% when teams are engaged in their work. Workplace safety incidents drop by a staggering 70%.
  4. Lower Employee Turnover
    On average, highly engaged teams will experience a 40% improvement in turnover. This improvement can vary in high-turnover organizations to 59% in low-turnover organizations. For these calculations, we used the median.

Let's see what increased engagement could do for you.

Number of employees at the start of the year
Number of employees at the end of the year
Average employee salary
Annual Company Revenue $
Number of employees who left during the year
Revenue per employee
Cost of absenteeism per employee
Total cost of absenteeism
Turnover rate % %
Number of employees who leave in a year
Average cost to replace an employee
Total cost of employee turnover
Additional company revenue
Money saved from reduced absenteeism
Money saved from reduced turnover
Total business value created
Total business value created per employee